About Us

Trivium User Behavior explores the human factors driving China’s user markets. We sit at the cross-section of usability, sociology and consumer research.

China User Experience Market Research Sociology: Trivium China Team

Our ethos

Creating a great product, site or app for international markets means understanding not only the way users across various cultures interact with your touchpoints, but also the larger social, economic and political factors that drive decision-making. We approach our field with the belief that understanding users means understanding markets, and understanding markets means understanding people.

Collaborate with us

We welcome collaborations with UX researchers, market researchers, academics and digital development teams with a focus on China.

Submit research

Got some data you’re looking to publicize? Putting out a white paper? We highlight interesting findings and case studies from across the industry.

Write for us

We pay for in-depth, analytical pieces based on unique research by subject matter experts focusing on China’s user markets.

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Hire us

Trivium UB is piloted by a team of tech, econ and political consultants with a combined 50+ years of boots on the ground in China.

Briefings & Workshops

We deliver custom workshops for design, development and C-suite teams looking to understand China’s digital ecosystem. We’ll brief you on the socio-cultural factors impacting your sector.

Speaking engagements

We can deliver presentations on China tech for your conference or event.

Research & reporting

We also produce custom reports and bespoke research. Get a quote at [email protected]